‘Big Hair’

IMG_0714Another cold day and the newspaper banner headlines read ‘Britain braces itself for the coldest winter in 50 years!’

Now me being follicley challenged as I am; would have to admit to anyone reading this; that it actually gives me a unique power over those with hair!

You see being bald I tend to be one of the first to be able to sense even the slightest alteration in our unpredictable weather patterns here in UK.

Consequently I often wonder how those with such incredibly big hair; actually detect these subtle changes when it’s say starting to rain? Or when it’s snowing for example?

So this young lad in my blog entry image this evening is definitely one such example.

He certainly has one magnificent thatch? One of which you might say he is justly proud?

So I watched him for a few moments; with a slight degree of envy I must say; as he regularly pushed his fingers through this thick naturally curly hair and then simply shook off any raindrops which per-chance had dared to settle after falling from the cold cloudy skies above him.

However; by the time he had even started this process though; I had already registered the forthcoming and imminent precipitation. So having sensed the first fall of raindrops I had then fumbled around in my jacket pocket and located my trusty old ‘flat cap’ and proceeded to place this firmly on what was by then my somewhat damp bonce!

In my mind I truly do believe that my hair does grow you know?

Only unlike this young guys… mine grows from the outside in?

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