‘The Bulldozer’

IMG_8090Sunday’s are all about family for me. Here is our little Beau then who we recently took out in our van over to ‘The Witterings’ beach.

This is a place where he insists on taking his bulldozer in order that he might shore up the defences against the high winds we are expecting.

It’s hard work for a little kid and so we have to get over there as early as possible you understand? In the van he has his own toy box or ‘Magic Box’ as he refers to it as; and in here he will put some of his favourite toys which he might need when out on his construction work.

It was really cold the day that this was taken and although he was feeling the cold he nonetheless insisted on bulldozing the sand on the beach for an hour; before the tide came back in.

Eventually though I did manage to convince him that we should maybe both return to the van where he could have his lunch; which virtually always consists of sausage and beans! However he really does enjoy these when we heat them up for him in the van, and he gets to sit on the comfy back seat with his nan and to watch everything that’s going on around through the privacy glass.

Then he usually plays with his cars and gets himself warmed up. We know when he’s content because he becomes very chatty and animated and sings along with the Christmas tunes I have playing loud on our CD player.

Then once he is ready we will head back home with new stories to tell his Mum and Dad about; of the day he spent out in his beloved camper-van.

At least we can all sleep easier now though? Knowing that the sea defences here on ‘Wittering Beach’ are safe and secure?

All thanks to Beau’s consistent and tireless efforts with his bulldozer.

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