IMG_3858Emsworth and these five ladies and their little scottie dog have just returned from a long brisk walk.

They all looked very happy to be taking a well earned break and had settled down here on the memorial bench seats to enjoy a snack, a cold drink, and a chat.

I guess there will be many people after the Christmas Season has ended who will be seeking out such a pursuit which might help them get back in trim after possibly over indulging?

(Something that many of us are no doubt guilty of at this the lead up to the big day and indeed beyond?

The little dog looked ready to go again as he took occasional little slurps from his bowl of water in front of him; his face suggests that he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
Indeed the evidence of his mud splattered fur and the walkers mud splattered walking boots and gaiters would suggest that these women were indeed dedicated walkers; who obviously look forward to the challenge this presents and which no doubt allows them a great opportunity to get together on a regular basis; and to do something which they all enjoy and which they really benefit from?

At the same time this activity helps them and their little dog maintain a good level of health and physical fitness?

The weather can put some people off when it starts to get colder; but as these women are demonstrating ; the correct clothing and equipment means that the change in the weather shouldn’t necessarily become a deterrent.

All credit to them…and also to their little scottie.

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