‘Buried Treasure’

IMG_4648On a bright crisp morning over on Southsea Beach; these two little beachcombers were out looking for treasure.

Their father was fishing off the shore when this shot was taken. Now obviously after setting up the rod and eating the sandwiches and drinking the drinks which had been prepared so then the boredom often sets in?

This Dad however had thought this possibility through and had told his boys that there was treasure buried underneath the pebbles somewhere on the beach.

He gave the boys an old army shovel each and off they went together wrapped up warm and in their wellies to start digging up various parts of Southsea beach; each convinced that they would be the finder of this hidden treasure.

I carried on my walk along the promenade and crossed through the common and into Palmerston Road shops. I must have spent a good hour down there and on my return to the van I decided to re-trace my route along the seafront and up towards the rose gardens by the lake.

Sure enough there were these two little lads; still with their shovels to hand and still digging up the beach together. But despite their best efforts there still appeared to be no sign of the elusive treasure mentioned by their Dad.

However; despite this set back; he was very much enjoying his time out sea fishing and smiled over at me knowing both boys were determined that they were going to locate this treasure; and claim their prize.

Just a little bit of appealing to their imagination and it’s surprising how kids will very quickly entertain themselves.

Add a little competitive spirit into the equation and BINGO…job’s a good’n!

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