‘Leave it’

L1080469I love animals; and so this rather wet and bedraggled looking specimen really did appeal to me.

I first noticed him when walking down by the harbour in Emsworth.

His owner was throwing this stick into the water; and the dog was happily plunging in to fetch it time after time. Despite the cold snap of the day this dog seemed apparently unconcerned in any way shape or form by the waters temperature?

Once he had swum out to retrieve this beloved stick; he would then clamp it firmly in his teeth and proudly carry it back to shore with him; and back into the hands of his owner.

When next I saw him; he was standing here outside of the greengrocer store standing guard over that same stick whilst waiting obediently for his owner to return to walk him home.

He had such a gentle character; and although more than happy to let me stroke him; he made it clear; and with nothing more than a look in my general direction; that this stick on the ground by his front paws…was a no go area!

For this was his stick; and he was taking it home with him.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to wait to see him go off with his owner but I did see them both shortly afterwards as I drew out of the local car park.

The dog was off his lead and walking proudly ahead of his owner; his stick clamped in his jaws. And I honestly mean this…it actually looked as though he was smiling? It made me smile as he tossed his head around adjusting the position of his stick in his mouth and occasionally letting it drop to the ground in front of him.

He was indeed really lovely dog; and what a deep melancholy expression he had in those beautiful brown eyes.

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