‘Smoke and Coffee’

IMG_3943It is definitely December. Today my better half and myself spent the morning visiting a couple of shops who were selling off their Christmas lights and decorations at half their original price or in some cases less!

I’m not the most patient of shoppers when it comes to things like this; but went along with it anyway. Fortunately we managed to purchase a couple of ornamental trees which light up and illuminate in 8 different sequences. (Please at least try to contain your excitement for us!)

Anyway the reason we did this; was that the trees were previous shop display models.

Now my missus does like a bargain; and so was more than pleased to say the least; when she negotiated with the salesman to half the half price mark up on the ticket. So excited was she in fact; that she decided maybe our daughter Jo might want one also?

The one we had purchased though was over 7 feet in height; and therefore quite a statement piece?

Luckily for me this was the last one they had on display. So she settled for the smaller version to give to our Jo. Again for half the half price listed on the ticket!

Once loaded up in our van we headed off out of their car park like we had stolen these trees?

I think that my wife had almost convinced herself that they had made a mistake and might change their minds and call us back?

Soon though we were headed to my daughters place to deliver her gift.

After making our delivery I decided to walk up the street and see if the chip shop was open; as it was definitely one of those chips for lunch days today.

As I walked up to cross over the road I spotted this young woman who had just sat herself down outside this little cafe and was braving the cold in order that she might get to enjoy a cigarette with her coffee; and to text her friends into the bargain.

I just liked the image on this cold December morning.

Today’s smokers certainly are a hardy bunch here in the UK…don’t you think?

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