‘Holidays are Coming’

IMG_6585Yes it’s our Beau again.

Here he is over at ASDA Car Park in Havant where the legendary as seen on TV Coca-Cola Holiday Truck was paying a visit.

I am not joking when I say that literally hundreds of families attended this event and queued for hours on end just to stand on a small wooden painted platform with a signpost pointing to Havant?

It took an age to even get into the place that evening; as the traffic was so heavy. But eventually we did get parked up and took one excited little lad over to see this spectacular sight.

There it stood towering before him and festooned with an array of bright shining lights. It’s chrome detailing polished to within an inch of it’s life!

Then the poster size images depicting the great man himself in his full Santa resplendence. With shiny red cheeks and jolly demeanour all serving to add even more excitement to the occasion. There was even more queues to obtain free Coca-Cola; just like Santa drinks! The music was playing loudly as we all stood admiring the truck and the noise from the many children in the queues was palpable.

Then I gingerly asked my daughter Jo “Are we going o join the queue then babes?” There was an initial pause before she turned to me and said “I don’t think so Dad do you? Beau will be really tired if we have to wait around for ages”

“Well if you’re sure babes” I replied with an obvious look of absolute relief all over my face.

“But can we get a photograph of him by the truck please; so we can show Daddy?”

And of the several I managed to capture above the heads of the crowds; this was the one Beau like the best; just him and his mum.

Hope you all like it?

Happy Holidays everyone.

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