Chichester and I spot this young woman cycling through the precinct; her basket containing her purse and a few other items which she had obviously recently purchased in the town. At first she was just slowly pedalling her way through the crowds smiling and singing away to herself quite happily. Then suddenly a loud voice which obviously resonated with her; suddenly called out; causing her to stop in her tracks.



At first she began to brake and using her hand brake which squealed a bit; before eventually placing her foot out in front of her and gradually bringing the bike to a complete halt.

Immediately after this manoeuvre her friend then ran over to her and they both embraced laughing and chatting away to one another. This seemed to be a very welcome distraction for them both?

“Which way you going” asked her friend
“Down the Market; why?”
“You couldn’t give us a lift could you?”
“What on the back you mean?” “Yeah…on the back. Oh go on… please?”
“I haven’t done that since school though”
“Go on…It’ll be fine”

Then her friend promptly mounted the saddle; her toes automatically pointing downwards towards the ground.

Cautiously the cycle rider then pushed herself and her friend away; shakily at first before she commenced to stand upright firmly if hesitantly on both of the bicycle peddles exclaiming “Oh my God!”

The pair continued laughing uncontrollably and wobbled off looking anything but confident.

However; I am pleased to report that they didn’t fall off and in fact they seemed to gain their confidence and balance relatively quickly between the fits of laughter.

I know it’s not the done thing to have two people on a bike; but this little excursion really did seem to transport them both back much much further than just the Market Place.





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