‘Aerial View’

IMG_2603Ended up over at my son and daughter in laws place this afternoon as we had been invited to join them walking the dog.

Although a crisp and fresh afternoon it was nevertheless really quite pleasant; in between the occasional mild showers that is.

However in the end it was just myself and my son Duncan along with little ‘Harri’ and Diesel who braved the weather and spent a good couple of hours strolling through the woods together; in an attempt to tire Diesel and allow ‘Harri’ the opportunity to try her bike out (without stabilisers!)

Diesel however seemed not to tire easily and chased and retrieved that ball we each took turns at throwing relentlessly. Our little grand-daughter who equally shares an abundance of energy was determined to ride solo and this meant my son and myself took turns at holding the back of her saddle and running alongside her till eventually with a few words of encouragement she was off! A few crashes then ensued as well as some grazed hands…but today she did ride that cycle on her own. Truthfully we were knackered by the time we got back to their place.

But it was great to be part of her new learning experience that’s for sure.

Well now it’s 18.00 and I was just sitting here wondering what I might include for my blog this evening when I happened across this little image above. It was taken when I last visited my dear old departed friend Larry down in Plymouth. It was shot in the grounds of the outstanding and picturesque location known as’Royal William Yard’

I recall that we spent a great day together that day; and it brought back some very fond memories for me reflecting back.

As i’m sure will my day today out with our little ‘Harri’

Where would we be without these photographic images we all capture and share? And which have the ability to transport us right back in time as if it were only yesterday? Irreplaceable memories.

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