‘Sales On’


Well I guess that’s Christmas tucked away for another year?
Having spent the last few days either visiting or lazing about watching TV movies; we decided a trip into Commercial Road shops was in order. I had promised my missus a new coat in the sales and so felt duty bound.
Thinking there would be a huge amount if traffic I wasn’t relishing the prospect. However; it was a pleasurable trip in and to add some further joy to the occasion the car park machine was broken; so free parking it was!
We never did find a coat; but had a nice coffee and then shared a chocolate muffin.
On the way home walking through the town centre I spot these two women both laden with bargains. They were sat in the bright sunlight awaiting their taxi home.
I loved the final effect; and it seemed to sum up the fact that sometimes even shopping for coats can at least be tolerable when things go your way? Oh and if the parkings free?
No more sales shopping for me though; at least not until next year eh?

Happy 2015 everybody!!

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