‘That year just flew by’

imageWoke up this morning to 2015… A brand new year!
Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time to visit and support my blog; I honestly do appreciate it.

I have really enjoyed making more new friends through this process; and have learned so much from the many excellent bloggers out there.

So here’s to a fresh start for us all as we move forward; and to the many exciting photographic opportunities which yet lie ahead.

I took this image over at ‘Port Solent’ and just felt it seemed appropriate in a way in emphasising the fact that time flies?

So don’t waste a second; and whatever you fancy doing just go out and do it! (Within reason)

Spend time doing what makes you happiest and go see people you love.

Thought for the day:
If you knew that you had only one day left here on earth? Who would you call?
And why haven’t you?

Like some of you; I sadly lost some wonderful friends last year. Live every day as if it were your last…because one of these days it will be!

Get up dress up and show up!

So 2015…do your worse. I for one accept the challenge.

Meantime be nice to people whenever you can. Hug your children and grandchildren; tell your partner you love them…be grateful that you’re still here; living in the moment. And remember “No act of kindness however small; is ever wasted”

So I wish you a great year everyone. May health wealth and happiness surround you.

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