‘All shopped out!’

IMG_8929 Saw this young girl and her mother come staggering over to this bench seat during the week. Both laded with their well fought for bargains from the sales over at Chichester.

You know how it is don’t you? With those totally naff plastic bags? Their handles stretch and become like cheese string in your hands. But you battle on; safe in the knowledge that you have nearly done what it was you came out to do. Well almost nearly.

You now have all your christmas wrapping paper and boxes of christmas cards ready for next year? Oh and perhaps some christmas tree baubles which you simply had to ‘snap up’ as they were sooo cheap?

And extra christmas lights. Those ones that have eight different settings and which flash and totally annoy the hell out of everyone in eye shot. But remember these do work outside; and they were multi-coloured!

(BARGAIN) at £5.99?

But what about those bathroom deodorant sprays and all those cheap almost give away gift packs of ‘smellies?’ Couldn’t let them go could you? Not without purchasing at least two or three. Just for holidays and overnight stays of course.

Mince pies were cheap weren’t they? And the old man will love the christmas puddings you got for a fiver.

It’s bloody never ending this sales business; don’t you think?


I even thought I might buy the kids a couple of Easter Eggs when I saw these were already being stacked neatly onto the shelves in some of the shops! HELLO…can we at least get Christmas out of the way first PLEASE?!!!

But no…there they were all boxed and ready for the next mad influx of bargain sales shoppers to snatch and devour at their leisure.

So this I would imagine was possibly the last bargain hunt these two fine ladies were envisaging for 2015?


But not if the shops in Chichester have there way it’s not.

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