‘Meg-Mog is 8’

IMG_8840Today we were invited over to my son Duncan’s home where both he and his wife Kylie had laid on an afternoon celebratory get together.

This was to ensure that those of the family who had missed the official birthday party meal held on January 2nd 2015; when our little Meg arrived at the grand old age of eight years; got their opportunity to eat cake and to delver belated birthday gifts..

It was as always a nice little get together; and as with all our family do’s had the provision of lot’s of cups of tea and coffee. This was accompanied by the usual smattering of chocolate faced and chocolate finger covered children;. Each one running about emptying toys and games all over the lounge floor. And of course watching children’s television at the same time; and more generally leaving a trail of controlled havoc in their wake.

Their 8 month old puppy ‘Diesel’ was given a bone by ourselves when we arrived in the hope that this might settle him down; and maybe give him something to dampen his somewhat normal boxer pup hyper activity?

In fairness; this seemed to do the trick. Well at least for about an hour it did!

Then being a clever and devious little pup he patiently awaited his moment and snuck away commando like; whilst we were all chatting. He then managed in one stealth like move; to stretch himself full length up onto the kitchen counter top where he proceeded to scoff three slices of Meg’s special birthday cakes.

Needless to say he was immediately reprimanded and ordered out into the back garden where he tilted his head to one side and whined at us all through the window.

Then eventually; with everyone fed and all having consumed copious amounts of tea coffee and cakes; we then began to gather up our coats and belongings before wandering away to our respective abodes.

It was back to work for most tomorrow so the birthday girl and her little sister Harri drifted off upstairs to watch their new TV which they got for Christmas; whilst Kaden; (our now very grown up; and certainly in his mind at least; no longer a kid) then also disappeared upstairs into his own room to play on his own games machine and to watch his TV also.

So a belated Happy Birthday Meg and thank you for a lovely afternoon.

Tell your Mum and Dad the cakes were lovely and enjoy you little ski-ing holiday over at Chamonix with your Dad on Wednesday. See you both when you get back?

Meanwhile enjoy a bit of quality Dad and Daughter time!

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