‘You will give in!’

imageNot really a lot to say about this image. It actually speaks for itself.

Could’nt resist taking this photo after the owner of this beautiful retriever was about two more bites away from finishing a Cornish pasty which she was enjoying for her lunch; (emphasis on HER lunch!)

That dogs gaze was never once averted itself from this owners eyes. It just sat there so obediently occassionally salivating and licking his mouth before very subtly adjusting his position to ensure the maximum sympathy vote.

Eventually though he gained his just reward and wolfed down the one remaining portion of pasty the owner had given up for him to enjoy.

I really don’t think I would be able to resist those gorgeous brown eyes and that beautiful face staring up at me. Unfortunately I probably would’nt be doing any dog I was fortunate enough to own any favours at all; by hopelessly surrendering to it’s well honed persuasive tactics.

The power of non-verbal communication skills eh?

“NOW…Look into my eyes.”

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