‘Kids come flooding back school’



I’m back!

Back on WP and happy to have returned safely from my ordeal of trying to upgrade my blog having totally run out of space!

(I really do need to organise myself better?)

Anyway…these are the images I had hoped to share with you last week when I had the task of picking up two of our grand children and taking them into school. Because they live some distance away and their Dad was away in Chamonix; this meant their Mum needed to be at work for 6.30 and consequently I had to set my alarm for 5.00am to get over there.

The weather was horrendous and the traffic backed up in all the wrong places; but eventually I was there and sat with ‘Diesel’ the dog enjoying my first brew of the day. As Megan was with her Dad (special treat) it meant that I only had the other two to get up and to give breakfast and get into school.

I woke them at 7.30am and in fairness to both of them they got themselves organised even explaining to me when it was we had to leave and where it was that I would be best parking.

However, the chaos above was what greeted us!

Harri  the youngest (4 years old) thought that it was all hillarious and was very excited about driving my van fast through the big puddle!


The school staff were out frantically  placing plastic crates in a long line and a stepping distance apart to help the kids and the parents maintain dry shoes and socks. They then parked a large van sideways on the opposite side of the road to us; in an effort  to slow the few inconsiderate and impatient drivers whose speed through this static flow of water; was creating waves you could have comfortably surf boarded across with no problem!


Anyway we all got to school in the end; and although our Harri and Kaden were both a little later because of the un-forseen flooding; they at least had a tale to share with their rain soaked mates in the playground.

I then drove home using a different route of course and took our Diesel out with me for a morning run. Although he looks a little damp in his photo he was covered in mud when I eventually got him back indoors. But he absolutely loved it.

“Jobs a good’n!”


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