Spent the afternoon over at Winchester the other day where I had arranged to meet up with an old work colleague for lunch.

I really do love Winchester you know? Indeed I spent many happy years working and living there at one time in my past life. Consequently this place holds many many fond memories for me. To me Winchester always feels exciting and never dull; the place has some incredible sights for the visitor and with it’s Cathedral and the surrounding schools and dwellings make it outstanding architecturally..

Now believe it or not; many of the good folk in this fine city are deemed to be quite ‘well off’ and there are definitely some jaw dropping and expensive places to live there; that is for sure. I remember that I rented a small flat here from one of the Crown Court solicitors, and that was pretty expensive as I recall?
But oh the times I had in that little abode and the stories I could share with you all about that particular solicitor. Well…PHEW! I wouldn’t even know where to begin, I really wouldn’t!

That said Winchester is really no different to any other similar city, and has it’s fair share of eccentric characters. Therefore in my humble opinion I would suggest that the lady in my image this evening most definitely fits well into such a category?

To me at least she is one true ‘fashionista’ who knows what she likes and who is not afraid to step out and be different from others in the norm.

I am aware that some of you good people out there who kindly follow my blog are experts in the field of fashion and so I would obviously bow to your knowledge on this complex subject area. However; I am always drawn to such individuals and admire the fact that they are unique in their style.

I was literally pressing the button to cross the road and return to my van; when she appeared before me. Striding out confidently and looking somewhat deep in thought I only just managed to shoot this image from the hip as it were but was at least pleased to have captured her amazing attire.

What do you think? I would welcome your views as always.

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