‘All the Fours’

IMG_6465The weather has been naff since early yesterday evening and gusts of winds pushing at force 10 caused electricity loss to many homes after they brought down power lines over in the neighbouring County of Dorset.

Consequently we decided that a day in around the house was probably the better option; and so I decided to go over some of my old photographs and try and get things into some sort of order?

Amongst the many images which I viewed; this was one which I re-discovered whilst browsing through?

I remember taking it over at Chichester because I liked the elaborate frontage to these premises in particular. Luckily for myself I managed at the time to capture these four individuals. Two of whom were walking off in one direction; whilst the other nearest the kerb walks briskly by going the other way with her dog secured on it’s lead.

Each one lost in their own thoughts, each with important things which they need to do. No time though for eye contact, smiles or friendly greetings? Just all hurrying by off to do whatever it was which they have to do.

In my humble opinion I feel sad that we all seem to have lost the ability to take time out for any such pleasantries?

It would seem that these are not seen as being important any more?

In fact when these are forthcoming (albeit rarely) I almost feel elated in myself. Heartened to know there are still a few individuals out there, who like myself, do consider such things to be courteous and simple good manners?

The amount of times I have held doors open for people who walk through texting on their phones and without one word of thanks or any acknowledgement to you for showing them a small act of consideration.

Worse still; some people seem to think no apology is due to you after they have barged into you; or left a door to close in your face whilst you struggle through armed with heavy bags etc.

I genuinely always try to practice good manners and to set an example whenever I am out and about.

But I would have to admit to you that my patience in this area is wearing increasingly thin! I actually find myself getting more and more uptight these days and very frustrated when such things are not reciprocated.

Bring back the days when people spoke with one another and smiled and offered you the time of day?

Perhaps it’s me?

Maybe I’m just feeling a bit nostalgic?

Just hope you are having a good day today, and thanks very much for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “‘All the Fours’

  1. I agree Bob. People who are discourteous toward me, especially when they encroach upon my personal space, quite often get the sharp end of my words. This includes traffic. I have been known to stop in front of cars and berate their drivers for not paying attention. It’s not that I like to cause trouble, but like you, sometimes it wears a little thin when others disregard your very presence. My wonderful other half is much the same, it makes me chuckle. Wicked I know. 😉
    Wonderful piece of street photography Bob.

    • I was so pleased to read your comments regarding this image. I also feel reassured that both you and your other half react similarly?
      Once again though you were kind enough to compliment me on the image so once again; thank you so much my friend.
      Bob x

  2. I’ve always been a fan of walking photos and this one is exquisite. The woman and the man walking from the left, with the light and dark of their outfits inverted and then the other facing them in a defensive posture. This is a great composition and works brilliantly in black and white.

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