‘Can I Drive It Gwandan?’

IMG_9016Well its Saturday again folks; and of course that is the day before the one I would normally feature a ‘family’ image on my blog page.

But you must be familiar with this little guy by now? Particularly if you are a follower?

He seems to be a regular visitor these days and we are presently looking after him twice a week; whilst his mum goes out to work. Hence this image tonight.

He is such a lovely kid; and so funny in all the stuff he says. His mum though told us that he had recently developed this quirky little issue in his speech? This involves him trying to speak a bit faster than his brain can at times interpret?

He seems to be prolonging the initial word or words which lead into his sentence? Beau however is in no way upset or concerned about this at all. If it does happen we just gently encourage him to slow down a bit. He then takes a moment and he pronounces everything just fine.

I sometimes though do forget that he is just over 2 years old of course; and yet amazingly articulate in his dialogue with grown ups. He uses words which quite honestly astound me at times.

Anyway that aside he absolutely adores going out in my VW T4 with me; and we always seem to be out searching for cranes or heavy machinery or boats and cars and hovercrafts! As I have no doubt mentioned to you all in one or two of my previous blogs entries.

But there a few things which get our Beau more excited than seeing a real Fire Engine.

So you can imagine how he reacted when he spotted this one in my image this evening; which was parked up and un-attended opposite the ‘Southsea Skate Board Park’

I practically had to drive the van over to it like I had just stolen it! All so that he might get his photograph taken standing alongside.

He looks so little stood there bless him. But oh how chuffed he was to see it and to explain all of the integral component parts to me and his nan.

But then the temperature seemed to drop dramatically; and so Beau decided it was best we returned to the van. The Fire Engine he saw then became the main topic of conversation all the way back to our place. (And believe me with the traffic that really is quite a long trip!)

Didn’t even notice the little speech issue I referenced earlier.

In fact when his mum picked him up we both just sat there in the lounge soaking up the silence.

It was so quiet it felt like we had gone deaf!

2 thoughts on “‘Can I Drive It Gwandan?’

  1. My mouth has been operating faster than my brain for 50 years. You get used to it after a while. There’s something about the sparkling gleam of the truck combined with the excited shine of his expression that makes this a wonderful shot. Truly memorable.

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