‘Bobble Hats’

IMG_9012Took a trip down into ‘Gunwharf Quays’ to have ourselves a look about.

By Jeez it was a chilly one today!

Still it could’ve been worse; we could have been marooned in the West of Scotland for instance?

Now there’s a place that knows what its like to feel the cold! Brrrrr! Those biting cold temperatures 13 below!

Anyway; earlier on that morning whilst we were parking up; I had noticed these two young women both well wrapped up against the cold and making their way up the escalators from the underground car park. I thought they might make an interesting subject to capture; with both girls wearing these wonderful very warm looking hand knitted ‘Bobble hats’

But as they were up ahead of us I didn’t quite have enough time or indeed opportunity to grab the shot I was hoping to achieve. So consequently I felt a bit disappointed to be honest.

Well with that missed opportunity still on my mind we eventually got ourselves up to the shopping area and were headed over towards the coffee shop to grab a hot coffee. Then ‘lo and behold’ there they were, the very same girls. Both sitting outside one of the smaller food outlets and complete with those amazing ‘Bobble hats’

One was enjoying a hot snack; whilst her friend was busy on her mobile phone texting.

I quickly removed the camera lens cap and casually walked over in the direction where they were both sitting. Then without distracting them at all I managed to capture this little image which I have submitted for this evening. I thought that it showed off the girls and their unique ‘Bobble hats’ of course in a very favourably light?

As you can see from the image above obviously they must have both been warm enough? Because there wasn’t one single other person down in ‘Gunwharf Quays’ prepared to brave the elements and take a seat outside. Not one! (Can’t say that I would blame any of them at all of course)

In fact it was so cold that we actually heard of a local ‘Flasher’ who had leapt out in front of some local shoppers earlier and then proceeded to describe himself!

But then our girls down here in Pompey…we breed em tough you know?

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