‘Hurrying by’

IMG_3746Watched closely by her faceless followers in the shop window display I caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye of this young woman ‘hurrying by’ dressed in her poncho and her vivid floral patterned jeans.

I wanted to try and capture the contrast between this young woman striding off towards the town centre with some degree of haste; and the fact that both the static models in the window looking down on her; looked to all the world like they had just past some negative or judgemental statement about her as strode purposefully on?

I liked also the flow and movement generated by her long hair. Caught in the updraft from the wind it has created an almost fire like quality to it?

So although our weather here is unfortunately no better at the moment I do still so enjoy being out in different locations searching for that chance shot which you hope might capture everyday people going about their everyday lives?

Better still the excitement that these people in most circumstances at least; are completely unaware of the fact that you have noticed something about them which caused you to stop in your tracks? Then determined not to lose the moment to try and quickly compose a shot which you hope might at least be representative of that first image?

That one you which you initially envisaged; that one in your minds eye?

Strange really how those of us with an interest in photography often seem to see people and things somewhat differently? Many finding inspiration from seemingly average and relatively routine daily occurrences.

Personally I never tire of what I do; and only ever hope to improve and learn more about what it is about photography in it’s many and varied forms which help stimulate my constant wonder, interest, and genuine motivation.

9 thoughts on “‘Hurrying by’

  1. I have always wanted to see the world through an artists eyes – a photographer or painter perhaps. I have heard them talk about shapes and depths and shadows. I like my view and perception but it would certainly be interesting to put on another person’s vision goggles for a while.

  2. You are ever the artist Bob. It’s difficult to see the world in any other way for me than as a series of potential shots or paintings. I remember back at in my early 20s making a concerted effort to begin seeing the ordinary world around me through the eyes of an artist, I lacked confidence in my own work at the time. I remember thinking how peculiar it was to see things in terms of tones, shapes, and textures, but I persisted and became very fluent in my new visual language, always asking myself how I might reproduce what I was looking at in a number of different mediums. I can’t help but do it now some 20 years later, it’s hardwired into my brain. I live and breath my art, quite literally, and like you I never tire of it.
    It’s inspirational to me when I come across another artist like yourself, who captures the art in life in that way, because it’s an imperative almost. To me it jumps out and grabs me. Out of all the many shots I look at, your shots always demand my attention, and I know I am looking at a Bob Mills.
    Have a great day Bob.

    Bess x

  3. As much as your shots, I love that the ones I love my better half loved too. 🙂 This would work so well as a fashion advert. She’s stylish and dynamic, and you captured it perfectly. You are quite talented.

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