‘Looking up’

IMG_9102Another shot which I managed to capture over at Chichester yesterday.

These were just three of the builders from a larger gang who had made their way from the bottom of the town. I am presuming they were all working on a premises down there? I say this because there were an array of poles and scaffolding being set up? Obviously some major work was underway.

I had also just arrived at ‘The Buttercross’ where I then immediately picked out these three guys standing there discussing a point of interest on this amazing centrepiece in the main shopping area. One which incidentally dates back to the 16th century.

As I continued to get the camera set up it was steadily drizzling with that very fine rain; and many of the shoppers out that day were all hurrying around seeking out shelter. The seating area within this beautiful structure was already though fairly well packed to capacity at this point.
However; not to be put off in any way these three builders donned their headcover and remained standing; unperturbed. Each of them very focussed on what it was that had taken their undivided interest and attention?

I meanwhile was in the process of trying to keep the raindrops off the camera lens when I noticed one of these guys then pointing up at an area on ‘The Buttercross’ before then turning towards the others and explaining in some detail; a point that he was trying to emphasise.

With the camera lens free from rain I raised it to my eye level and scanned over to where they were standing; at which point they all suddenly tilted their heads and began to look above them.

I gently snapped the shutter and smiled to myself as I ‘chimped’ a quick glance at the image you see above.

It think it’s is a fun little image to view. And one which certainly made me smile that afternoon whilst the rain literally ran from the brim of my cap as I leaned forward to switch off my camera. Still; at least the weather today is a lot better than yesterday.

I would even go as far as to say that things are looking up!

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