‘Afternoon Tea’

IMG_9122Once again the weather has dictated what most people have chosen to do today.

For some there’s a trip to the shops, for others it’s perhaps a visit to family or to take the car out for a spin?

Lot’s though choose to keep fit; and they can be seen with their wooly hats and brightly coloured trainers with their lycra leggings and sports shorts etc? They stop at various points of their planned run to do some stomach crunches? Or to demonstrate their prowess at countless press ups even?

Whatever their preference they are not going to let a little bit of wind and rain cause them to break from their strict and dedicated approach to physical fitness.

Then there’s the dog walkers out on the common sending brightly coloured rubber balls high into the air and then waiting patiently for the dog to retrieve them. Then ‘tutting’ loudly and shaking their heads in annoyance as they commence fumbling through their pockets for a spare ‘poo bag’; after their mutt then decides to stop halfway through this precision drill, squatting down to do their business.

There’s cyclists joggers, people balancing timidly on top of skateboards, those out on the water. Queuing for transport, playing football, even practicing their rugby skills before the start of ‘The Six Nations’ on February 6th (thought I should mention that date just in case any of you might be interested in that sort of thing?)

Or there’s these two sweet old ladies in my blog image today?

Seen here sitting in the warmth of this popular little street cafe. Both chatting and enjoying the view from their window seat which they had previously reserved of course.

The menu on the table top offering a tempting list of veritable delights which they can both shortly select from and enjoy with their afternoon tea.

Meanwhile outside the window; life hurries by them both as people go about their daily business.

But for these two fine senior ladies; the prospect of a pot of piping hot tea for two, being poured into bone china cups and followed by a decadently large slice of freshly baked chocolate cake; seems a much better option.

4 thoughts on “‘Afternoon Tea’

    • Hello buddy. Great to hear from you. Thanks very much for your kind words and I trust you are well?
      Hope to see more of you and your excellent blog in the very near future?
      Take Care Mike

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