‘Mad Harri’s Bike Ride’ (minus stabilisers)

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It’s Sunday and so it’s family day.

Here for your delectation then is our little ‘Mad Harri’ on her bicycle only this is the very first time that she has ridden it without her stabilisers for that extra reassurance of being able to stay upright; even when she’s not fully concentrating?

Her father was there whilst I took these images to assist with her balance; and obviously to offer her praise each time she rode away from him on her own. Totally unaware that Dad was no longer holding the back of her saddle.

I had to laugh though; particularly when despite our best efforts; her little safety helmet kept slipping down over her eyes as she rode off the pathway and into the long grass.  Giggling away to herself as she rode blindly onwards.

Diesel the dog really wasn’t a great help to her either as he ‘gallumphed’ around her with his ever growing lanky legs and being overly inquisitive about everything that was going on.

But still; it would be fair to say that she did exceptionally well on this her first solo ride; and especially without her trusty stabilisers.

And despite Diesel the dog offering his slobbery unwanted interest and attention!

So there we have it. Another little memory captured for our Harri and her dad to reflect back on someday. To help them both remember the importance of spending as much quality time as possible together.

Life really is so much more fun in the company of your children.

It’s moments like these which are so so special for your child.

I believe these should be recorded and treasured; in order that they might look back one day and remember them affectionately.

For sadly all too soon; they are grown.

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