‘Mystery Package’

IMG_9065You know how it is? You are out at the shops looking for one thing; but then you come home with something completely different?

Well earlier on that morning I had noticed this chap in the image above. Although initially he was only carrying one empty plastic shopping bag as he strolled around the town peering in the various shop windows.

Judging by the size of his little bag he was possibly not intending to purchase anything major that particular day?

He then stopped opposite where I happened to be standing and was distracted by this large yellow ‘CLEARANCE’ sign before him. He then glanced upwards to the name of the store offering this interesting deal. Now according to their additional signage they were called C & H, and apparently they are the shop where one might go to purchase Tracks, Gifts, Handbags, and footwear (to name but a few items listed.)

Anyway; I continued to watch as he disappeared off inside; and I then became curious as to whether or not he would actually purchase a bargain for himself or not?

Several minutes later though he alighted from the premises with this large package neatly wrapped in brown paper and tucked securely underneath his arm; but still carrying the small plastic bag in his other hand.

Now I have no idea what this package actually contained and so no doubt this will now forever remain a mystery?

It did look a bit heavy though? I say this because I observed he was continually transferring it from arm to arm as he strode off in the general direction of the town centre.

So in the words of the airline pilot from my all time favourite comedy film ‘Airplane’ starring the late great Leslie Nielsen

“Roger…We have clearance Clarence”

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