‘Three’s a Crowd’

IMG_9120As I approached the ‘Buttercross’ the road divides up four ways. I never really know which road to take at this point and so I usually find myself just standing there soaking in the steady flow of shoppers all walking off in different directions.

This image was taken when I found myself in this my usual predicament.

I like to lean on one of the metal posts which are there to prevent traffic from driving through what is obviously a precinct and therefore all very much pedestrianised. It was as I was adjusting my camera settings that I watched the three individuals in shot, slowly approaching my vantage point with the intention of turning left to head back out of the main town centre area.

As they got closer towards me I raised the camera from my waist level upwards and in their general direction. Adjusting the focus I then went to slowly click the shutter button when the young woman on the immediate left suddenly ‘clocked’ me! She then narrowed her eyes and gave me a somewhat cautious and curious glare. Her two friends however seemed in no way concerned; and just carried on their way.

I did though nod and smile at them as they each separated off to walk around me; looking first at the camera and then at me.

I continued to watch them for a few more moments noticed that the woman who had initially ‘clocked’ me was laughing and speaking with her two friends. They then all turned around and looked back up the street at me whilst continuing to share in their laughter.

It then became apparent to me that they had all in fact noticed me in the first place with my camera at the ready; and had just decided to maintain a sense of decorum for the shot they had comfortably assessed I was just about to take?

So much for my covert and stealthy shadow like delivery.

It’s always interesting for me to see how people might react when a camera is pointed at them. But at least this one still turned out to be quite a nice little capture?

Despite of course my inability to carry off any hope of not being noticed? As well as a distinct lack of any ‘Street’ camera techniques which I might have even loosely tried to pass off as having technical ability?

“Ah well; I will hopefully do a better job next time eh?”

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