IMG_4192Now and again you get to see some really interesting characters around and about the town; and this rather ‘trendy’ looking gentleman was no exception.

I have spotted him before on my travels and often wondered if he had always been so different when it comes to what to wear?

You would have to admit though guys; that despite that initial very hesitant stare which he gave as he walked directly in front of me and my camera; he does look like he is very much his own person? Especially when it comes to making a fashion statement?

Firstly the thinly wired ‘John Lennon’ style specs which neatly frame his eyeline. The black beret placed to lightly cover those distinguished wisps of silver white hair seen appearing at each side.

His obvious attention to the finer detail of his outfit. Such as that chrome badge placed quite precisely to the left of centre on his beret; and which is matched well with what could only be described as a ‘statement piece’ of jewellery?

Namely this very large and very chunky looking chrome neck chain; and which he has managed to highlight even further through the choice of this jet black polo necked sweater he is wearing.

Then finally the ‘piece de resistance’ One brand new F7 leather motorcycle jacket.

Good choice my friend!

Now to me…That spells class?

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