‘Ciao Bella’

IMG_6258A little bit of Italy comes to Chichester. I snapped this shot a while ago on one of my regular jaunts over there. Now as I am sure you could testify some people do tend to talk quite loudly when using their mobile phones?
So when I heard this guy speaking I was pretty sure that I heard what sounded distinctly to me like the Italian accent?

“Ciao Ciao” he kept repeating. Which as I understand it is a friendly greeting? Like saying “Hello or Bye’ Often used when meeting someone for the first time? Or even when you leave them for a little while and intend returning soon.

There is not really any english translation but suffice it to say that you wouldn’t obviously address people in positions of authority with this; it’s more for friends and the like. Bella though literally means beautiful.

I wonder then if the woman entering the frame to his left with a noticeable little smile apparent on her lips; was assuming the reference was aimed toward herself?

Or was it in fact directed toward this new motor scooter which he had parked alongside? Either way ‘ciao bella’ if used when addressing a female is often thought of in terms of a flirtatious remark. Or indeed ‘ciao bello’ should it be a male of the species. Either way; it is very much a compliment.

So your assignment for today should you choose to accept this my visiting followers? Is to look your partner square in the eye when they next enter your field of vision; and without any explanation I want you to smile broadly and then compliment them with this little greeting.

Whilst of course adopting the internationally recognised thumb and finger gestures; enhanced with your finest Italian accent. To be delivered in a flirtatious manner.

C’mon…why not give it a go? I’m off to try it right now.

So “Ciao Bella” or indeed “Ciao Bello” to you all.

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