IMG_8851Well…yet another Sunday has come around and so it’s all about family. Our Diesel has become very much part of our family during his 8 months on the planet; and so is featured today.

Out of interest; the weather here in U.K. is still unpredictable. We even witnessed a small flurry of snow in the early hours of this morning; which made our street look very peaceful and definitely festive. Albeit though for a very short moment of time.

But as the new day broke we were treated to a visit from my son and the dog. Diesel is an exceptionally well behaved puppy. But he is going through this very mischievous and boisterous phase in his development. Consequently he forgets he is now getting bigger in stature and more powerful when it comes to play.

I had actually made a point of buying him a pull rope toy to help strengthen his teeth yeterday; but this lasted him all of ten minutes before it was found in shreds around his paws. He adores the company of the family and is always so pleased and excited to be involved and included in whatever it is we happen to be up to at the time.

In his own home however he has now managed to master opening the kitchen door and getting in and out to the back garden whenever he pleases. Consequently this is now never ever left unlocked.

He has had a go at chomping the corner of their lounge carpets; and he even managed to locate my sons martial arts training equipment which was initially secured in a large zip up sports holdall. He then proceeded to have a little chew on some of the kick pads and the boxing gloves (well he is a boxer after all?) and finally the grading belts which my boy was due to issue out to his students next week!

He can break into cupboards, food bins, and even fridge freezers. He can reach up and steal meat or cake from kitchen tops or indeed whatever has taken his fancy; including chocolate brownies! Once this chocolate fetish had been identified though he was quickly driven up at the local vets where he was immediately fed charcoal as an emetic)

Not put off in the slightest despite copious bouts of projectile vomiting all over the veterinary nurses; he’s gone on to sample solid frozen sausages and at Christmas he even ate one of the kids advent calendars; just for good measure.

This involved yet another visit to the vet and yes another of his favourite charcoal cocktails.

He is despite these trivial mishaps! A well exercised and very well looked after puppy.

But he definitely has this mischievous curious nature which means when ‘Diesel’ is quiet… then watch out!

Here then is a ‘rare shot’ of the boy himself asleep with three of his favourite play balls.

So SShhhh…please don’t waken him up. God knows what he might fancy next!

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