Yes…yes, YES!

IMG_9226Have you ever been strolling through your local high street and bumped into an old friend? Someone whom you had’nt seen for a quite a while? Well that would appear to be the situation in which these two women seem to have found themselves; whilst shopping over at Chichester yesterday.

Nothing unusual about that of course; except that where they had initially chosen to stand seemed to me just too irresistible, as it was very close to the words emblazoned on the shop window above.

I was determined to try and capture it.

For me it was made all the more amusing because of the wording I mentioned previously; as it exactly replicated what the woman on the right was repeating during their very in depth conversation.

I did admittedly have to stand about for quite a while though before I actually managed to get this shot; but eventually the woman on the right did kindly position herself direcly alongside the window slogan.

It reminded me of a comic strip ‘speech bubble’ of sorts; and it almost seemed to further endorse her verbal responses. Either way it was one of those moments which in my opinion warranted a photograph?

I was quite chuffed to have spotted it in truth; so when I did manage to capture it I felt pleased with myself.

Shortly afterwards of course they both wandered off in their respective directons. Then as we all know too well…that special moment is gone forever.

There are a mutitude of very amusing images out there; and if you’re lucky enough to be in the right place and are sufficiently observant; then you might just snap yourself a collection of your own?

So although it is very cold just now and the safest option for any sensible photographer would be to stay indoors? My suggestion to you would be don’t let that put you off! Just you get yourself up, wrap in some nice warm clothing; then grab your camera and get out there and start looking?

Go and find those shots which many other photographers out there will often walk straight past? Many in fact don’t even seem to notice?

Are we agreed?

“Yes…yes, YES!”

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