‘The Lights of my Life’

IMG_8262Although she will give me grief should she read this…Here is my amazing and adorable daughter Jodie; better known to myself as ‘Peanut’ seen here with her boy and of course our little grandson ‘Beau’

This shot was taken when we all visited a litle pub over at a place called ‘West Meon Hut’ It’s a great little venue and they do some really tasty food; even catering for vegetarians like ourselves. This particular evening we had arranged for Jodie and her partner Stef and Beau to sleep over; as we were already at the venue camping and they hasd to get there straight from work.

So as it was their first evening we decided that evening rather than cook something up in the Camper; we should treeat ourselves to a slap up meal?

Anyway whilst we were all sat at our table waiting for the food to arrive; Beau decides that he is a bit bored and so asks to pop outside to the sheltered forecourt area; just so he might take a look to see if the swing park was still open?

However as we get his jacket and hat and golves on and he steps outside with me; he spots a couple of the older kids dashing around and shining their torches all over the place; and generally having fun in the dark.

So that was it… Beau just had to have a torch!

Literally seconds later I’m walking him back inside where he commenced to ask his mum and dad if he could borrow the small hand torch they were carrying with them for the journey back home. This entailed a tentative plod across a very large open field in the dark (avoiding pot holes etc) and back over to where our van was parked up for the night.

At this point though the food which we had ordered then arrived and so he was temporarily distracted.

However, his mum did initially give him the torch to keep hold of but as she was helping him with this large glass of lemonade she then held the torch in her hand. I was fascinated though when the beam on it shone directly upwards through the glass and really captured and highlighted both their faces.

This then was the final effect I managed to capture and it was one which Beau himself really likes to look at whenever I have the computer on and i’m editing any of the shots I have previously taken.

9 thoughts on “‘The Lights of my Life’

    • Hello there my friend. I know Alresford well and used to reside over at a farm in Itchen Abbass?
      But you’re absolutely right It is indeed a small world.
      I also worked with children in schools throughout Hampshire; though not as a teacher.
      Thanks for stopping by

    • That means a lot to me so thank you Tish. I am pleaded that it turned out okay and even more so that it’s not overly sentimental?
      Lovely of you to take time to comment x

    • If only you knew the truth my lovely friend. I’m glad I have managed to create the illusion of a perfect easy peaceful existence. We are genuinely blessed to enjoy ourselves as a family and I truly appreciate the kindness and warmth of your comment.
      Thanks for stopping by
      Bob x

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