IMG_9228Now that’s what you call a moustache!

There was I just about to head for home after a busy morning walking through the town people watching; whilst snapping any photo opportunities which came my way. Then I notice this rather ‘dapper’ senior gentleman looking resplendent with his wonderfully atired and sporting this superb example of a ‘hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extremities.’

(So the official definition of the handlebar club specifies)

And by satisfying this specific definition; our dapper gent above would have more than comfortably qualified to join this exclusive international club for men with handlebar moustaches.

Now there’s not everyone can boast that now can they?

The remainder of information then was gleaned from the aforementioned web-page of ‘handlebarclub.co.uk’

The club which was founded in April 1947 in the dressing room of comedian Jimmy Edwards at the Windmill Theatre in London..

It’s primary objective being to bring together moustache wearers (beards being strictly prohibited) socially for sport and general conviviality.

To their credit they assist by all means at their disposal, any charity or worthy cause, particularly those devoted to ex-servicemen. This aim still remains today and they have helped particularly with children’s charities.

I myself used to sport a moustache many moons ago you know? However mine would have looked absolutely pathetic if compared with those grown by the chaps who belong to this particularly fine organisation.

Anyway I was pleased to have seen this gent whilst on my weekly wander and to have captured the image above for you to peruse.

You should maybe saunter over to the website for yourself and take a peep at their gallery page. Some of the images are just wonderful.


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