‘Close Encounter’

IMG_9257I regularly drop into Emsworth when i’m returning from visiting my dear old mum who resides in Southbourne.

I always find it a quiet and friendly little place to visit and it allows me the opportunity to switch off my mind and simply enjoy either a cold pint of local ale or just pop in for coffee down at the quayside. An added bonus though is that it never fails to provide the keen photographer with an opportunity to capture an interesting shot or two.

It was a crisp morning as I headed over to the cafe and I sat outside with a really hot drink of dark coffee and just watched the people come and go; each chattering away with one another and taking in the unique ambience which Emsworth has to offer.

I like to wander off the beaten track and to explore parts of this place which are not always so popular with it’s many visitors. To this end I found myself wandering through a side lane which took me down onto the water where there are usually many families who bring bread to feed the ducks and the swans etc.

I found myself watching this chap here; more than well wrapped in his ‘puffa jacket and wearing his woolen hat.

As you will note he has his earphones on andthe reason he took my attention was because he was singing and talking away to the birds he was feeding from a bag of bread crusts he had brought with him.

I am always amused when people who are privately listening to their music through their earphones seem to quickly forget that the pitch of their voice is raised a few decibels higher than maybe they had appreciated? This guy though was practically shouting at one point; making it all that much more amusing for the observer.

I found myself re-tracing his steps and with only a few pieces of crust remaining he walked down this narrow slipway and called to these two beautiful swans who drifted over together and whom he proceeded to feed by hand.

With the light casting this shimmer effect over the water I just thought that it might make for a nice image to put up on today’s blog entry?

Hope that you like it guys?

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