‘The Duchess of Cambridge visits Portsmouth’

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The Duchess of Cambridge arrives in Portsmouth yesterday to visit the site of Ben Ainslie Racing.

Whilst here she spent time with young people from six of the local schools as well as meeting local street artists James waterfield and ‘My Dog Sighs’ who had created a large mural depicting the skyline from Portsmouth to Ryde on the Isle of Wight. The Duchess added her own artistic contribution which was applauded by all those present.

The pictures in my slideshow this afternoon were captured at the final phase of her visit when she was treated to the spectacular views from the top of Portsmouth’s iconic Spinnaker Tower.

I stood around from mid-day until 2:00pm and froze my bits off. Mind you so did many others; and so I was just pleased to have managed to get some reasonably representative images as I fought my way through the crowds squashed behind the metal barriers.

I also have a short video I managed to capture; but having never uploaded one yet I think I might need your advice my friends?

Anyway; there you have it!

Happy Saturday to everyone who might be visiting my blog site today. Bet you never realised I rubbed shoulders with the Royals now did you?

I hope that you all enjoy the forthcoming weekend.

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