‘Family Walk Wickham’

IMG_7084“Let’s all meet up for a breakfast in Wickham and then we could take ‘Diesel’ for a long?” say’s my son.

“Sure I’m definitely up for that” I said.

“Shall we say ten thirty in the square then Dad yeah?” “Ten thirty it is then. See you there son” I responded before I hung up the phone.

Now as I had mentioned to you all yesterday Scotland were playing Wales today up at ‘Murrayfield’ and so I needed to do something to take my mind off the big game. So at 10:30 as we had agreed we all met up in the square and duly headed off for breakfast. It was a lovely little place and right in the middle of the country on a working farm actually.

We all ate to our hearts content and drank our tea and coffee’s before we then drove back to park up and take one very excited dog for his long awaited walk. The weather was absolutely fine; and just perfect for a long stroll through the nearby woods.

We must have been out just over an hour and the littler kids were begining to show signs of tiredeness and asking to be carried. In truth though so were one or two of the adults! We decided we would walk to this old railway bridge and I decided that we should mark this milestone with a photograph. I asked the family to spread out and to hold hands and try and touch either side of the structure. After several attempts this was the closest that I could get to grabbing everyone’s attention to look towards the camera.

We then turned around and walked back to the stairway leading through to a really beautiful clear and fast flowing river and a really attractive little waterfall.

Here we played ‘Poo sticks’ with the kids for a while and eventually we all walked through into the square to buy some cakes to take home for our lunch.

It was around about this time that I turned up the sound to join in with the Scottish Anthem ‘The flower of Scotland’ Yes the rugby match coverage had started. Then slowly my kids and our grand kids then all began to find their belongings and to make their respective ways back home. Leaving me alone to scream my unstinting and dedicated support from the comfort of our sofa.

It was an edge of the seat game and I really did believe Scotland would be the victors; supported by their loyl fan base in a packed ‘Murrayfield’ HQ.

To their credit Scotland definitely looked like they are an improving pack; and have proved that they can definitely score trys. However some silly mistakes and missed chances and that deadly clinical finish needed and expected at this level… was once again sadly remiss!

I do however remain a dedicated fan and know that one day soon Proud Edwards Army will indeed send their opposition homeward… “tae think again!”

Thanks a million for stopping by if you are reading this tonight.

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