‘Rib Training’

IMG_9263On a beautiful bright sunny morning as I wandered along the quayside in Emsworth I stopped to admire the view and to imagine myself owning and living in one of these homes overlooking the water. I could just see myself getting up early and wandering up into the town to get a morning paper; and then heading back to the quay to sit and read whilst enjoying a coffee or two.

Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love where I live; and I love the accessibility this location offers me. I do though always find myself constantly drawn to be near the water. It never fails to offer me a calming and peaceful mind set. Being close genuinely allows me to feel more connected with our planet and it never fails to cleanse my spirits.

Water to me has an almost magical and enchanting effect about it. This impacts on so many people who find themselves near it or who are sitting quietly with their eyes closed and simply listening to the abundance and variety of it’s sounds?

It can bring laughter and fun to children young and old and it offers a variety of pleasures such as swimming boating or fishing.

Equally there are many people down here in Emsworth who own small boats or maybe one of these nippy little RIB craft? Once competent they can then spend leisure time ‘pootling’ around the harbour and simply taking in the everyday changes to the local scenery; only from an altogether different perspective.

I was therefore interested to see some new potential sailors all out early this particualr morning and recieving lessons on water craft skills and safety form some very proficient instructors.

There really are so many activities available on the water for the average person to persue and to learn; many of which really do allow them to gain even more understanding and enjoyment exploring the waters around about us all.

This of course becomes even easier for those fortunate enough to actually reside on it’s shorelines?

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