‘Lunch Break’

IMG_9243Work can be tedious for many of us and the day can be a long drawn out protracted affair. We get up early we shower we dress and then we make our way out in all weathers towards the place where we earn our crust.

The working day is all too quickly underway; then in-between chats and the sly glances towards the clock on the wall we start to earn our hourly rate to pay. That’s money for the rent or the mortgage on the house; or money to pay for the car or bus or train that got us into work in the first place; or money to help finance the new clothes we are wearing and which were just such a bargain in the recent sales?

Money drives us and it is a sad fact of life that without it then our chosen lifestyle choices can and do quickly alter and in many cases diminish altogether.

So because we need to feel reassured about how each one of us is doing with our lives; then the majority of us like to have friends around about us. Those we can ‘off-load’ to and someone to share our anxieties worries and everyday concerns with?

That’s why I was drawn to photograph this group of fellow workers as they were leaving their own place of work. No doubt looking forward to some respite and to enjoy their coveted one hour’s lunch break together?

Why is it though that so many of the women who I see out walking; frequently seem to do so with their arms folded?

It always looks to me like they are about to break into some sort of Traditional Russian Folk Dancing?

Sorry… I just wondered that’s all?

2 thoughts on “‘Lunch Break’

  1. If this were the US, I’d guess it’s one of two reasons, 1) they’re cold, or 2) to keep blokes from staring at their breasts. I love how you’ve captured the stress on their faces. It looks like they needed the break. Timeless shot, Bob.

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