IMG_9285Rarely do I venture down into Commercial Road. It’s just all a bit awkward when it comes to getting parked up in the vdub.

In fairness though it is an excellent venue to try and capture characters; and it is occassionally frequented by some impressive street performers and preachers of the gospel.

This particualr venture was for me to look at purchasing a new suit for the forthcoming wedding of my one and only daughter Jodie. Now I despise this sort of thing but totally understand the importance of it.

The last thing I want to do is to let my baby girl down by not looking the part? As she has a degree in Fashion design and illustration I am constantly on my toes when it comes to how I think I look…and how I actually look?

So it was in and out of the various gents outfitters until eventually I stumbled into Moss Bros where I firstly met a very slim very well dressed moustachioed italian gent named Sharife?

Obligingly he advised me and then helped me locate exactly what I was looking for. Well partly as I still have more to seek out before the big day. As they were unable to provide anything off the peg; I agreed to return and to have another fitting once the order had been placed to get my size from one of their other stores over in Salisbury.

As the paperwork was being completed I discussed my vision of how I felt I would like to look; at which point I was introduced to a fine silver haired lady with the most attractive smiling eyes who proudly informed me that she was just two months off reaching her 70th birthday and still working hard at Moss Bros.

However, as lovely as they both were I was at this point officially hot and bothered; having taken one jacket off and substituting it for another then posturing by the full length mirror for suitable approval form my better half.

Eventually we headed out of the mall and out into the fesh air. It was a treat I can tell you. God knows how staff can work in their all day…I know I coudn’t.

. IMG_9283
Outside I noticed this gent sitting statue like on this makeshift plinth and surrounded by pigeons; they were everywhere and he was begining to draw attention from the shoppers passing by. That was it I thought to myself; I must know what was attracting so many birds over to him. As I stood alongside him I looked him in the eye and said “This is incredible all of these pigeons all over you; what on earth is it that’s attracting them to you my friend?”


Slowly his eyes turned in my direction and he smiled saying “I think it’s this bloody suit I bought in Moss Bros?”

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