‘Meet Bernice and Richard’


Good evening everyone. Please allow me to introduce you all to two really nice people whom I had the pleasure of meeting whilst over at Chichester the other day.

I could’nt really help but notice this pair seen here in all their finery just strolling past the Cathedral. Both smiling and chatting away with each other and generally adding a certain element of historical interest; to what could so easily have been simply another routine day over at the shops.

This first image then I managed to capture then is my own personal favourite; only because it is  more relaxed in style and natural in it’s composition. However, having taken the shot I then found myself in conversation with the lovely Bernice above or ‘B’ as she is often reffered to by her friends. It was B who then kindly introduced me to Richard; her mysterious cloaked companion.

B then mentioned that they were both from the Cathedral and were out promoting some proposed forthcoming family activities for ‘Ugly Mugs?’ (Good job I am not the sort who is easily offended then eh?)

But joking aside if you were to visit their web-page at thevillagemagazine.co.uk then you will find all the information that you might require and which you can then read at your leisure.

Briefly though Friday the 20th of February this very day in fact; activities incude the opportunity to step back in time to the Normans, (1066 and all that) so their literature states. Youngsters and families can find out all about the Norman Cathedral and follow a short trail together. On this trail the will get the unique opportunity to meet and speak with wonderful costumed characters such as B and Richard here. The Cathedral was built over 900 years ago and so there is obviously quite a bit of history to catch up on one would imagine?

Better still the kids will also get the chance to make their very own very ugly gargoyle to take home with them. There’s lots more happening but hopefully this gives you all some idea of what happens here in Chichester?

Now to finish off this little blog entry for the evening I just wanted to thank both B and Richard who I hope to chance upon again on one of my many visits over to the town?

I so enjoyed meeting these two and promised that I would include this more ‘posed’ photograph of them both; by way of expressing my gratitude to them in allowing me to share their happy smiling images with you all this evening.


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