‘Don’t mess with me!’

imageA friendly word of advice fellow followers; Harri was five on Friday. So as today’s blog is dedicated to ‘Family’ I thought I should share this image of her ready to get stuck in to her Military Martial Arts class.

Although the smallest in the group you don’t mess with her! For in little Harri’s mind she is a fierce fighting warrior.

Today then to celebrate her five summers on this planet we are all invited over for tea and Birthday Cake at her house.

I shall no doubt take the camera and I shall no doubt get in trouble for making her scream and laugh and for generally mucking around.

But hey c’mon;  that’s my job…I’m entitled!

I will however need to be careful today that she doesn’t suddenly come at me with one of her deadly flying axe kicks? Or worse still an unexpected forward punch; which due to her current height ratio can be an eye watering experience.

Perhaps I best  not wind her up at all? Maybe I should go for the safer option? Yep I think that’s what I’ll do. But when I see this little face…how do I resist?

Anyway whatever happens; Happy Birthday to our beautiful little grand daughter ‘Mad Harri’

One hyperactive, hell raising and absolutely hillarious bossy little lady. Who without doubt is a potential future black belt in the making.

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