‘Can you hear music?’

imageI really liked this elderly couple who I had noticed take a seat on one of the benches down at Gunwharf.

As I watched so his wife with some degree of anticipation carefully took out this pastry treat which had been placed delicately into it’s very own little designer paper wrap. They seemed to be looking forward to sharing this. However; whilst they were both busy concentrating on this special treat they were both about to enjoy; so this young lad then arrives having just completed his shopping spree that morning. He then commences to park himself alongside the pair on the bench seat. This couple though were still engrossed and had not even realised his presence at this time.

Placing his head phones from his mobile phone over his ears he then slumps himself down into the comfort of the seat; after placing both hands firmly in his pockets. Obviously intent on ‘zoning out’ from what was happening immediately around him?

Just a few moments later though the elderly gentleman then commences to look around and about him appearing somewhat puzzled. I then very quickly realised that he was trying to locate the source of the music which he could hear.

Little did either of them appreciate that it was the ‘tinny’ thumping sounds coming from this young lads head phones they could hear; and the volume level was so high that even I could hear it!

Eventually though I think that the sudden realisation then hit and they both began smiling as they got themselves up from the bench seat leaving the young fella to his very own intense but seemingly private music concert experience.

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