IMG_9293“Can we go out and see the ducks Nanny?” say’s our Beau “Ok Beau tell your Gwandan and we will go and see the ducks in the campervan”

Half an hour later we were parked up and headed off for a brisk walk around the perimeter of Petersfield Lake.

This is quite a challenging walk for a little lad and so I was doubtful Beau would get right around without asking to be carried a bit? However he was quite the opposite; he was captivated at the wide variety of bird life both in and out of the lake and even drew much excitement from meeting and stroking some of the many dogs who came over to greet us whilst out on our walk.

He ran and he laughed and he delighted in finding several muddy puddles where he would suddenly stop before looking around towards either me or his Nan and smiling broadly. Hoping no doubt for permission to splash!

Unfortunately we didn’t have his wellies as these were in his mothers car so we had to gently decline.

However, the promise of a stop off at the children’s swing park seemed to settle him and he was then super keen to run ahead so that he could have a go on the big slide and the roundabout and then to bravely explore through the deep dark tunnel.


Anyway; truth be known we all lost sight of the time whilst we were having such a good time and ended up getting him back just in time for his mum to drive him home for his bath and bed.

Apparently Beau always tells his mum and dad a story before he goes off to sleep and these frequently involve himself and the campervan. Together they have visited some incredible places and seen some unbelievable sights. I often ask him whose van it actually is; and he will always tell me that it’s his but I am allowed to drive it though. I also found out last week that he has also invited all the staff from his pre-school out for a picnic in it when the weather gets a bit warmer.

So you all best watch this space for further updates on Beau and his amazing adventures in the VW T4 campervan.

To book your day out with us please feel free to contact Beau who I’m sure will be only too happy to make the necessary arrangements. There is no cost implication apart from any ‘Fredo’ chocolate bar contributions you might wish to make? Oh and if you really want to get into his good books he is extremely partial to a small tin of HEINZ beans and sausage, which we cook up for him in his van… of course!

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