‘Text Appeal’

IMG_9382Good afternoon to anyone who might be reading this blog entry right now.

My image category should technically be ‘family’ but I would have to say that this particularly family is this afternoon feeling somewhat jaded.

You see today I am mostly slouched over my computer and suffering a thumping hangover brought about from last night’s partying.

That said; it was an excellent do and it was superb catching up with our old friends.

This was a surprise birthday celebration for a very dear friend and took place in a hotel a brief taxi ride away.

On arrival we both said our hellos and headed over to the bar to order drinks. Now although I really do enjoy such occasions as this I had forgotten that a night out these days is not for the feint hearted! Particularly when it comes to purchasing a round of drinks.

“How much?” I muttered under my breath as I began counting out the notes from my wallet.

In fact by the time the evening eventually drew to a close last night I only just had enough cash left to get our return taxi home. When I fell out of bed this morning I initially thought I had been robbed when I searched my trouser pockets for small change!

“Where did that all go?” I said to myself. “Surely I never spent that much… did I?”

Well it looks like I did folks. I am Royaly skint as they say! And the only thing I have to show for it this Sunday afternoon is a sore head; and an insatiable case of the munchies!

Anyway what the hell. It was a lot of fun and I even enjoyed a couple of smoochie dances with my better half (much to her surprise) I think she was actually holding me up if I recall correctly.

So today I have just been looking through some shots as I nurse my headache; and I happened across this shot which I took whilst over at Chichester. It was this one which seemed to jump out at me for whatever reason and is my contribution to you for today. Hope you like it?

For now though I am going to prepare our lunch and then probably have a little lie down.

I have already taken two Paracetamol tablets and several cups of tea followed by some eggs on toast. However I am still feeling bloody peckish? I think a large bowl of cereal might go down well? Hmmm.

Why oh why did I drink those shots last thing?

I really do need to remember that I can no longer enjoy a quick recovery after late night drinking.

Instead I now experience one classic three day nervous breakdown!

“Only got yourself to blame babes” I hear my darling wife utter from the comfort of her leather sofa in the lounge.

“Fair point I think to myself…and well made”

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