IMG_9372Little kids and their snotty noses eh? A never ending source of irritation to mums and dads alike; each of whom feel the urge to grab whatever bit of tissue they can find and swipe the offending discharge. Much to the annoyance of the child whose nose it happens to be; and who would much prefer to do the logical thing in their own minds and simply sniff it back up again?

But no; a runny nose more often than not cannot go unchallenged; it just has to be swiped clean!

This little guy was backing away along the length of the bench pursued by his determined parent whilst protesting loudly through tears of frustration “NO MORE MUMMY!”

Now the observant amongst you who are reading this; will have already noticed that the left hand sleeve on the little boys brightly coloured dinosaur coat (Which we shall hereby refer to as exhibit 1) does in point of fact; bear the evidence of previous swipes obviously attempted by this young offender though clearly without any assistance whatsoever from his mother?

Meanwhile his baby sister watches on in amusement from her push-chair oblivious to the fact that one day soon she too will be subject to this dreaded swipe technique being so swiftly and clinically delivered by her mother.

According to ‘boogiewipes.com’ your sinuses can produce 2 litres of mucus every day. That’s the equivalent of how much water we should be drinking each day of our lives. Also you’re going to need more tissues than you initially thought.

“Finally then I would like to sign off with the age old question… “What’s the difference then between broccoli and bogies?

ANSWER…Kids won’t eat broccoli”

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