IMG_9376I heard this young guy playing before I actually saw him over at Chichester the other day.

It was one of those embarrassing moments when I actually had decided that I should really take a photograph. My normal practice is that i would drop some money into the guitar bag and then once he started singing I would then nod to ask permission to capture a quick image. This has always worked fine for me in the past but this particular time I patted my pocket to check I had some change; only to find I had not a penny to my name.

More annoyingly I had to get back to the car park as my ticket was due to expire. So in the end I did just chance a quick photograph of him. He really was an excellent guitarist; very talented indeed.

This however only made me feel even more annoyed at myself for not being able to express my appreciation of his musical abilities by offering him just a few silver coins.

As I walked on my way I saw several shoppers placing their money into his guitar bag; which seemed to reassure me a little more.

So once I arrived back home I decided to quickly take a look at the image I had captured. And although I am absolutely sure that this young fella bore me no malice for my ‘money mishap’ the expression you can see on his face might seem to some; to suggest otherwise?

So if this young busker should happen to see himself featured this evening I promise that I will make sure that I reward you double by way of compensation for allowing me to use your image.

Personally I think it adds a certain edginess to the overall composition.

2 thoughts on “‘Busker’

  1. Great image, Bob. I wouldn’t call that an angry visage. It’s more, “You gonna drop anything in the bag?” I’ve seen them give that to anyone who takes a photo or even who stops to listen for long. I try to, but sometimes you just don’t have the right cash.

    On the other hand, I never send them a bill for “portrait work” so I figure we’re even. And I agree, his look does give the photo a certain edge.

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