‘Three’s a Crowd’

IMG_3764Today after getting up at stupid o’clock to take three of our grand children to school and then to walk their dog; I found myself reviewing some images I had taken last year when I came across this particular image.

Now for some reason or another I am always fascinated by cafe’s with large framed window fronts. The ones where people usually walk in off the busy high street laden with shopping bags and are often super pleased to find themselves a couple of free seats which overlook the street outside.

In other words seats which will now allow them now to look out; where they had only previously been able to look in?

Then once they are settled and are sipping their drinks whilst admiring the ambience so then do these two shoppers walking past the window decide to stop directly in front of the said ambient view and commence to conduct their conversation.

Not only has this slightly miffed the patrons inside the cafe but the positioning has considerably narrowed the width of the pavement and slowed up the foot traffic outside; causing other shoppers walking past to then slightly alter their initial direction of travel.

For some this means them having to walk off the kerb and onto the road itself. This is accompanied by loud ‘tutting sounds’ and some eyebrows are noticeably raised.

For me though this sort of dilemma creates a sort of three dimensional image? Which in my opinion warranted this capture.

Not much more to add really except that at first glance it looked to me as if the lady in the cafe itself was actually a third party in the conversation which was going on between the two women standing out front?

Do you know what…I think I need to make myself a cup of coffee and have a little lie down; it’s all just got very confusing!

Hope you are all okay and that you got to wake at a respectable hour this morning?

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