‘LOOK Gwandan!’

IMG_9429These were taken on a day last week when Beau was staying with us. He had not long woken from his usual afternoon nap when he suddenly announced that he didn’t want his dinner at home this particular day… No.

Instead he actually wanted to go see the ‘Butterfly Museum’ the hovercraft and then the Spinnaker tower followed  by the Isle of Wight ferries down at the port. Now these types of request from Beau are in no way unusual. In fact since purchasing the T4 we have shared many adventures with this little lad and visited some very unusual out of the way places together.

But there remains two constant routines on his life which are as follows:

Firstly we visit and wander around the Butterfly Museum (both upstairs and downstairs) before then locating and completing magnetic puzzles (several times) this involves him fishing for magnetic sea creatures and dinosaurs and placing them in their correct slots. This does not include several intermittent visits from the puzzle room in order for him to go and see Emily the Iguanodon whom he adores (as can be seen in the image above)

IMG_9427 Then once he has checked everything out; such as the information  above; we will usually grab ourselves a drink from the Canoe lake Cafe before jumping back into the van and heading out to park up down next to the Tower at the ferry Port.

It is here he will then decide it’s time for lunch. Once this is done he likes to stand here by the Harbour wall and he will excitedly check out all of the vessels which are entering and leaving the harbour entrance at that time. IMG_7196 He then asks quite seriously if we can then drive the van up to the glass viewing area at the top of the Spinnaker Tower. And park up!!? And you know despite my best efforts to clarify how completely impossible this task would actually be to achieve; he absolutely insists that I at least try!

In conclusion…should I by some strange magical phenomenon ever get to master this particular skill; in getting both the van and our Beau up to the summit. Then I will of course be the first to let you all know.

Of this I can promise.

3 thoughts on “‘LOOK Gwandan!’

  1. Brilliant post! Little ones are great aren’t they? Your little Beau sounds like he might grow up to be an engineer, he sounds most practical! I hope you have a good day Bob. x

  2. Can I come hang out with you guys and Beau? It sounds like you have the most interesting adventures. Used to live on the Isle of Wight. Loved it over there with my Grandparents – especially loved Blackgang Chine (I think that’s what is was called).

    • OMG good old Blackgang Chine! I lived in Cowes for a while so love the Island.
      In answer to your question; we would welcome you along anytime on one of his many adventures.
      Thanks again for taking the time to respond and I hope we keep in touch?

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