‘Penny Arcade’

IMG_7329We had friends over to stay this weekend from Bedfordshire where they recently moved up to from Portsmouth.

We have been friends for more years than I care to remember; and so it was one of those times when we all just get on and have a laugh. I’m sure you also enjoy similar relationships with one or two very special and unique friends in your own lives?

Anyway; it was just nice to be able to feel comfortable and relaxed around people who know who you are; and have shared some of your journey.

So having probably enjoyed a tad more alcohol than we really all should have Sunday morning seemed the ideal opportunity to blow away some of those cobwebs.

We parked up in Old Portsmouth where we then walked their dog ‘Molly’ who took a dip in the sea and thoroughly enjoyed herself (but then she had’nt been drinking had she?)
Despite us all being well wrapped up we were still treated to the ice cold crisp breeze blowing in from the water which bit into our faces and hands. That said; it was though nonetheless very exhilarating to be out in the open air.

Walking on we found ourselves at Southsea Funfair where the girls wandered off to powder their noses.

Standing waiting with the dog I just happened to be viewing some of the images on the camera when this woman and her partner come out from the arcade alongside us. The attendant then followed them out through the exit door and they all then stood chatting and laughing about their own weekends.
I turned facing their direction and snapped this image which I felt epitomised a typical Sunday down here at the fairground. Considering most of the main attractions are still closed until the better weather returns.

The penny arcades however never seem to shut and are a constant draw to the many people such as this lady and gent who chance to venture down there. Meanwhile their little lad by now bored with the conversation was drawn not back into the arcade; but instead over to the candy floss store where he stood licking his lips admiring the the pink fluffy stuff bagged up and ready to go.

It only goes to show that good or bad weather makes no real difference for our fun fair here on Clarence Parade; as it never fails to tempt the punters. Whether this be arcade games, candy rock, or candy floss!

Or even slightly fuzzy headed friends walking off their hangovers.

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