‘Beau meets the local Police’

IMG_9490We were looking after Beau again today and of course not surprisingly we all ended up over at the Canoe Lake where he had decided that he wanted to eat his lunch.

Prior to us climbing into the van to warm his dinner up for him he suddenly spotted two Police Officers walking opposite where we had parked up and so excitedly asked if he might go and say hello to them.

We left his nan preparing his lunch and Beau and myself headed off to try and get the attention of the two officers in order that he might introduce himself. He was obviously very chuffed when they both acknowledged him and crossed over the road to shake his hand.

As usual with kids the shyness initially took over although eventually he did decide that he would quite like it if they might come over to the van and get a photograph so that he could then share it with his Mum and Dad.

The outside light today was very unusual and was almost a blinding hazy white. This seemed to set me a bit of a challenge exposure wise although I did manage to capture this one image which after some selective editing was quite honestly the best one of the set?

I also wanted to let both officers involved know; that Beau talked about this event all the way back home. Indeed it was the very first thing he shared with his Mum after she came to pick him up from work this evening.

It was abundantly clear to all involved however that the young woman officer was definitely our Beau’s particular favourite! As he continually reminded me driving back. Saying “I really really really liked that Police lady”

So to any of my amazing followers who might be kindly reading this tonight; sorry; but I simply had to include this image this evening; or I fear that I would never have heard the end of it from one particular little lad. (Who I feel is probably quite well known to most of you by now?)

My grateful thanks though goes out to both the officers involved. Cheers guys for your patience and very warm and friendly attitude.

On a personal note; it was very reassuring for us to witness how something as simple as this brief five minute chat and photograph whilst out on your beat has actually left a very big impression on a little lad who is at the end of the day; a HUGE fan of Police.

Now that in itself has to be a good thing…As I am sure you would agree?

It was a pleasure meeting you both today guys…take care.

4 thoughts on “‘Beau meets the local Police’

  1. Lovely post! Lucky lad your Beau. 🙂 I like what you’ve done with your shot too, that little splash of colour is great. We’ve had the same mist over here in East Preston too, it made for some great effects on the lights of the passing traffic this evening. I managed to grab myself a few shots as I went for a walk, maybe I’ll post them. x

    • Good evening lovely Bess. Thanks so much for your welcomed comments.
      We are so lucky to have the time to spend with our Beau; in my biased opinion he’s a really special kid.
      I was interested that you had this similar light where you are Bess; it was beautiful almost dreamlike.
      I would love to see your images sometime?
      Thanks for stopping by as I always enjoy hearing from you my friend.
      Say hi to Bill for me please?
      Luv n peas
      Bob x

    • You are so right. I can’t explain the joy our grand children bring. And they are really hilarious at times.
      We would be lost without our little outings if I’m honest my friend.
      Thank you for your comments
      Much appreciated

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