‘Striking a Pose’


I was over at the great City of Winchester yesterday as my previous blog entry will testify; watching the ‘heavy crane’ event at the cathedral.

However, having stood around for some time awaiting the big lift off to occur I felt I might slope off and go into the town centre to buy myself a coffee and a sandwich. Surprisingly there were a range of amazingly well presented food stalls available there yesterday; and the variety of gorgeous foods and their tempting aromas really hit you as you strolled by.

My stomach though was by then beginning to rumble uncontrollably.

Trying not to weaken my resolve I walked on hoping to find a decent coffee stop. As I turned around the corner to head back to the cathedral grounds I luckily stumbled across this very trendy vendors van ‘Jimmy Bean’s Gourmet Food Truck’ offering a wide selection of delicious fare. Particularly interesting though for me was that he was offering fresh hot dark coffee.

Now that… ticked all the boxes.

Having purchased my coffee and a snack I headed over towards a vacant bench which by the time I had arrived had been taken up by this lady who had like myself; decided to stop for lunch. As I approached I noticed these three pairs of mannequin legs each set ‘striking a pose’ whilst on display in the shop window. More amusingly they were directly in the line of vision from where this lady had chosen to rest.

Because this made me smile; I decided i should try and get the shot.

So putting my coffee down onto the ground in front of my feet and balancing my recently purchased sandwich on the top of it. I then raised my camera and fired off this image you see below.


Flushed with success I then kicked over my cup of coffee… I will not of course repeat anything which came out of my mouth after this occurred!

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