‘Spot of Rummaging’

IMG_9523Took this little shot as I was leaving the cathedral grounds over in Winchester.

I had seen this elderly lady standing and simultaneously patting both front pockets of her overcoat; but with a noticeably puzzled expression on her face.

As I got closer to her she then began fumbling with the catches on the lid of her white spotty shopping trolley and mumbling to herself. At this stage she did appear genuinely bewildered about something. Then suddenly she stuck her head almost inside her shopping trolley before plunging her left arm deep inside to retrieve one black zip up leather purse.

This was obviously the item which had caused all of her anxiety in the first place; as the look on her face at the time really emphasised. She simply looked absolutely relieved to have at last located it’s whereabouts.

I have no idea what else must have been in that bag but she definitely had to do some rummaging about before grabbing it. Anyway after all of that panic and worry her purse was then secured safely inside her coat pocket.

Then with the clips on the vivid blue and white spotted shopping trolley secured; she strolled off smiling contentedly to herself.

I love characters like this old lady; they are totally unique and often fiercely independent. In fact Our paths did cross again that day; just a little while later in Winchester.

She was waiting at the bus stop. Only this time she was clutching the errant purse firmly between both hands.

6 thoughts on “‘Spot of Rummaging’

  1. Great photo. They say that as you get older, you worry less and less about what other people think of you. And I think that is really wonderful.

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